Rethinking Medicinal Cannabis Therapy with Dr Matty Moore

Medicinal Cannabis in Australia with Dr Matty Moore

Duration: 31:01

Medicinal cannabis is a therapy that has gathered much attention in the recent years. Although it has been around for thousands of years, the lack of robust research and its use as a recreational drug, has hampered its move to become a credible, legitimate treatment option. 

At Nourish, we are often asked about medicinal cannabis, its use as a medical treatment and its availability in Australia. As it is a new area of medicine, there are lots of questions around the topic from both health professionals and people of the public.

So, we thought who would be better to chat with than our very own Dunsborough based GP, Dr Matty Moore.

Topics covered include:

  • What led Dr Moore into this area of prescribing?
  • Dr Moore’s experience working with patients on medicinal cannabis therapy
  • 2 case studies with life changing outcomes
  • Challenges he has faced moving into the area of medicinal cannabis prescribing
  • Common misconceptions around medicinal CBD
  • The dangers of people buying it on the black market
  • Cost & health insurance cover

You can listen to or watch the full episode right here or find it on all major podcasting platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.

If you have any questions regarding the podcast you can speak with one of our pharmacists in store or you can find Dr Matty Moore at or via Instagram at @drmattymoore

*Important Disclaimer: this podcast is for educational purposed only. It is not as medical advise and should not be use to treat or diagnose. Please ensure you consult with your medical practitioner before making any changes to your lifestyle or medical regime. 

rethinking medicinal cannabis with Dr Matty Moore


Host: Linda Keane (Founder and Pharmacist)

Guest: Dr Matty Moore (General Practitioner)

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