Appointment Types

Our Nutritionist here at Nourish Health offers both face-to-face and Zoom consultations, with a range of appointment options to suit your specific needs and availability. See our consultation options below.

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Express Health Consultation

Time: 20 minutes  | Cost $50

Our Express Health Consult is designed for clients who are time poor, require a follow up practitioner script or have a niggling health concern that you may not be sure how to holistically address? This appointment allows you to get a kick start on addressing your health issue & receive constructive guidance on how to manage it moving forward.

Comprehensive Consultation

Duration: 60 minutes  |  Cost $135

A comprehensive health assessment will involve discussing in depth in your current symptoms, health history & health goals. As well as determining if further investigation such as blood tests, stool sample or hair mineral analysis are required.

Other areas that may be covered in your consultation include:

  • Development of a treatment plan. This may include lifestyle modification, nutritional supplements and menu planning or dietary guidance to facilitate your path to health.
  • Any previous test results should be brought to your consultation as these can be helpful.
  • A food diary may be requested to review general eating patterns & symptoms with food intake.

Stay on Track Consultation (Follow up appointment)

Duration: 45 minutes  |  Cost: $90

The Stay on Track Consultation is an important follow-up consult to check on progress & test results. The nutritionist will review your treatment plan, offer support & coaching, and provide further recommendations. This appointment is key to ensuring you stay on track and continue along your health path to achieve optimal health.

Private Health Insurance Cover

Health fund provider approved for private health funds.

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