Linda Keane Founder of Nourish Health


Pharmacist/Founder of Nourish Health

Linda made the move down south with her young family in the year 2000, trying to escape the Y2K bug with a sea change. She has owned pharmacies in North Beach, Rockingham and Mandurah but took a break to concentrate bringing up her family in the best place to live, never once regretting the decision to leave the city.

Ten years after purchasing and working at Dunsborough Pharmacy, Linda opened Nourish, a pharmacy that more closely aligned to her belief of what a pharmacy should be and took the risk of making her dream real. She believes that ‘medication is not the only answer’ and that you can always do something more to improve your health and quality of life. She believes we should live a life of continuous learning and hopes that Nourish will provide trained and knowledgable professionals to help guide and advise you on your own personal health care journey. Linda believes that many complementary, alternative and lifestyle therapies can work alongside conventional therapies to make and keep us all well.

Linda has always had an interest in health and fitness, but over the last five years has ventured into the sport of triathlon with its three disciplines of swim, cycle and run. She is now a regular jetty swimmer and Ironman 70.3 competitor. Linda feels lucky that she has been able to surround herself with athletes who are very committed to their health, nutrition and wellbeing. They even motivated her to complete her first marathon in Paris in 2016.

Alexandra Shepherd Pharmacist



Alexandra undertook her Pharmacist training at Curtin University where she graduated with a Masters in Pharmacy. During her intern year she worked at Bentley Hospital in Perth working primarily in the Mental Health sector. This was the catalyst for her wanting to do more for mental health management within a community pharmacy setting.

In order to broaden her experience working with people from different backgrounds she chose to locum around Australia, travelling specifically to more rural and remote areas. She has now returned back to her hometown here in the South West.

Alex’s areas of interest include Stress Management and Adrenal Fatigue, Mental Health, Gut Health, and Sports Optimisation & Recovery. She has become increasingly interested in the link between the gut and the mind. Particularly with how this link affects not only our performance & recovery in fitness but also its significant impact on our everyday lives and overall well-being.

Alex’s approach to health is to help create all-encompassing treatment plans that show no-bias towards either western or complementary medicine. She believes in optimising ones mental, physical & intuitive health and recommends implementing preventative measures to minimise chronic illnesses.

“Why should we wait until we feel the physical effects of illness? I know for me I would rather be living the healthiest and fittest life I can.”

Alex likes to keep fit through running, yoga, and strength training.

Amber Pharmacist Nourish Health Dunsborough


Compounding Pharmacist

Amber Cameron received her pharmacist training in Wales from the Welsh School of Pharmacy in Cardiff University. She has a diverse background of knowledge having worked in England and Wales for 6 months before moving to Australia where she has been working as a pharmacist for over 10 years.

In 2017 Amber undertook further specialty training in compounding pharmacy. She completed her qualification in Sydney through one of the leading compounding laboratories, Medisca. She has now joined our other pharmacist, Ron Hood, in our compounding lab at Nourish.

Amber’s special areas of interest are Women’s Health, Hormonal Replacement Therapies & Children’s Health. As a part of her compounding work she especially enjoys creating children friendly medication formulas. She is very well aware, having two children herself, of the difficulty involved with getting children to take their medications. This has inspired her to create formulations that are more palatable and easier to take.

Amber believes in a holistic approach to managing health conditions. She likes to look at how she can help treat the cause as well as manage the symptoms. She is also very interested in working out ways to reduce wastage within pharmacy and help reduce our impact on the environment.

Outside of pharmacy she likes to keep fit by going to F45 classes, walking and taking her 2 children riding.

Melinda Pharmacist


Pharmacist | Naturopath

Melinda is our part time Pharmacist and Naturopath. On completion of her Naturopathy Degree at Southern Cross University, Mel spent 5 years practising around Byron Bay, she then decided it was time to come home to her family on the West Coast.

Her passion for making a positive difference to people’s health led her to studying Masters of Pharmacy at the University of Western Australia. She has been working in community pharmacy in the South West for the past 6 years.

Melinda’s other passion is surfing. She has travelled the world chasing the waves and when she’s not working she is getting salty somewhere. She has found her home here in Dunsborough with her two beautiful children and husband. Mel believes in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is a great addition to our team.

Eve Nutritionist


Nutritionist and Health Promotion

Eve has been working with Nourish as a pharmacy assistant since 2016 while studying Nutrition at University. At the end of 2020 she graduated with a bachelor of health science in nutrition and health promotion.

Eve choose a career in nutrition because she has always had an interest in science and particularly the human body and how it functions, and enjoyed learning about how food gets used in the body. She is particularly interested in the link between diet & mental health, creating healthy eating habits, and debunking the multitude of myths that exist in the field of nutrition! As a nutritionist, Eve would describe herself as compassionate and understanding of other people’s situations.

Eve’s professional goal is to use both her majors (nutrition and health promotion) and educate the general population to understand healthy eating habits to make simple changes to enhance their health, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Working in pharmacy as a nutritionist requires carefully balancing and blending natural medicine with modern medicine. Eve believes there is definitely a place for pharmaceuticals with natural health, and often pharmacy and nutrition can go hand in hand very well. I like to recommend natural remedies to help with conditions such as probiotics with antibiotics script.

To stay fit and healthy, Eve likes practices yoga regularly and loves walking out in nature/beach. She aims to get a walk in everyday.


Pharmacy Assistant

Jodie is a true local of the South West having grown up in the area. She has seen both her family and the community grow and change over the time and has offered caring support and advice to many of the families and individuals of Dunsborough. Jodie has a special interest working in aged care within the pharmacy. She helps patients with medication compliance and ensures they are managing their medications safely with a Webster Pack.

Jodie has a great rapport with our regular customers and is more than happy to discuss medication compliance issues with any new patients or patient carers. Jodie likes to keep fit and healthy, loves swimming and is a fierce participant in the annual Dunsborough Mums Football team.