The truth behind liver detoxification

Detoxes & Lighten the Load on Your Liver

Duration: 23:54

There are 2 major times of year where a lot of us start to look into “detoxes” and “juice fasts”. These times are in the New Year after all the festive celebrations and in Spring as the weather heats up and we start getting our summer bodies ready.

So what is detoxification and is it a good thing for us to do?

In this podcast, we take a deep look into detoxification. We start by clarifying detoxification and how we can better frame it as “lightening the load” on our liver. Linda (pharmacist) and Jody (nutritionist) also question some of the fad diets and juice fasts that claim to help detoxify the body and discuss healthier holistic lifestyle measures.

Topics covered include:

  • Should we detox?
  • How does the liver detox?
  • Who would benefit from detoxifying or lightening their liver load?
  • Signs that your liver maybe needing support

You can listen to or watch the full episode right here or find it on all major podcasting platforms.


Host: Linda Keane (Founder and Pharmacist) and Jody Lang (Nutritionist)

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