Managing acne with nutrition and lifestyle

Duration: 26:32

Acne only a problem for your teenage years? We think not. It is common for us to see both men and women presenting in the pharmacy with complaints of adult acne. There are various possible contributing factors that may affect your skin health from diet to hormonal to lifestyle. All of which are discussed in our latest podcast episode on “The Science Behind Wellness”.

Pharmacist and Nourish Founder, Linda Keane, chats with our Nutritionist, Jody Lang, about the possible causes, common presenting symptoms and treatment options for those suffering with acne. Although much of the topic is looking at acne in adults, a lot of the skin management aspects can be applied in teenage acne too.

We acknowledge that acne can be managed from both a nutrition-based angle and from a pharmaceutical-based angle. In this podcast however we are going to focus on how acne could be managed with nutrition and lifestyle factors.

Topics covered include:

  • What the possible causes of adult acne are
  • Hormonal fluctuations and their impact on the skin
  • Types of foods that cause inflammation in the skin
  • Dairy consumption and its impact on acne
  • Zinc and Vitamin A’s influence on acne

You can listen to or watch the full episode right here or find it on all major podcasting platforms.


Host: Linda Keane (Founder and Pharmacist) and Jody Lang (Nutritionist)

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