Membership Plans

When it comes to setting health goals it is not as simple as ‘one size fits all’! We understand goals are highly individual with a different starting point and endgame in mind.

We have created THREE different membership levels depending on your goals. Each membership will be then specifically designed for you and your individual needs. We will work with you and your doctor (if required) to design a program so you can make some real changes.


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What’s included with each membership?

  • Private consultations with Nutritionist
  • 4 x Wellness subscription boxes
  • Personalised 7-day menu plan with recipes provided
  • Special member discount off storewide
  • Exclusive Member discounts on some specialised testing and workshops/seminars
* Memberships available on a Payment Plan & Private Health Rebates for eligible patients
Optimal Performance Tests
Bioceutical DNA testing
Genetic Testing
Microba microbiome at Nourish
Microbiome Analysis

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What’s featured in the Subscription Box?

Our Wellness boxes feature some of our favourite brands including: We are Feel Good, Nutra Organics, Ever Eco, Raww Cosmetics, Eco by Sonya, Prana On and Blue Dinosaur Bars, just to name a few. Valued at up to $150 each!!

You will receive 4 wellness boxes each year – sent out quarterly. Boxes will be specifically tailored for females and males so don’t worry no one will miss out.

Nourish membership packaging
Nourish membership box

NutriPath myDNA Comprehensive Health Report

DNA is an important piece of the puzzle that can help guide behaviour change and treatment decisions. This Comprehensive Health Report examines specific genetic markers offering a personalised insight to get to the root of health issues or as a proactive solution to optimise health and wellness.

The test covers an extensive 92 genes across the following categories:

  • Digestion
  • Energy
  • Hormones
  • Stress & Cognitive Performance
  • Inflammation
  • Athletic Performance
  • DNA Protection & Repair
  • Detoxification
Bioceutical DNA testing

Microba Microbiome Testing

Microbiome testing provides you with a unique understanding of your microbiome, how it affects your health, and how you can achieve a better balance between desirable and less desirable microorganisms in your gut.

You will be provided with the at home testing kit. Our nutritionist will receive a comprehensive gut analysis to tailor design your health plan.

*Option to upgrade Optimal Performance membership. The Microba test can be offered at a small extra cost. 

Payment Plan Options

We offer 2 different payment options for our memberships.

*Some members may also be eligible for Private Health Rebates.

Option 1: Upfront Payment

Pay full amount up front or buy as a gift for a friend / family member

Option 2: Payment Plan

Pay over 3 monthly payments for Nourish Life & Health Reset Membership and over a 4 monthly payments for Optimal Performance Membership

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