How special testing can fast track your treatment plans

Why do special testing?

Special testing gives us an in-depth look at your true health status by removing the ‘guessing game’ from the cause of symptoms and can fast-track treatment plans to get better results.

Initially standard blood tests are advised. For example, low energy and fatigue may be easily identified with a blood test that shows low ferritin levels. Understanding why there is low iron however becomes a separate matter that we can then begin to focus on.

Stool samples may be recommended for those with complaints related to the gut. This type of test can help us identify possible causes for digestive disturbance related to bacteria or parasites. Instead of guessing what is going on in there, we can get a clear picture and understanding of what we are working with.

A range of other tests can also be performed to check health status such as liver function tests, cholesterol levels, iron studies, thyroid function and full blood count for a general health overview.

At Nourish we may refer you to a local integrative GP for the required blood tests or stool samples as we like to work collaboratively with other health professionals to achieve the best health outcome for you. A number of these tests may be covered by Medicare and our health practitioner will discuss these with you.

Alternatively, we may use the services of Nutripath, an independent pathology testing service that offers a comprehensive range of functional health and wellbeing laboratory testing for:

  • Hormone health to assess female or male hormone profile
  • DHEAs
  • Stress / Cortisol which may impact sleep for example
  • Histamine Metabolism profile
  • Omega 3 Index testing – a measure of cardiovascular risk or health indicator
  • Food allergy testing
  • SIBO testing
  • Tick-borne testing

For some test you will be provided with a kit to complete in the comfort of your own home or during your consult at Nourish while others such as blood tests may be referred to your local Clinipath Clinic. Costs vary with these tests and are not covered by Medicare.

BioCeutical DNA testing

This test can be completed at Nourish Health Pharmacy or in the comfort of your own home. A swab is used to brush the inside of the cheek to take a sample. The sample is labelled with the provided DNA test kit and sent back to the BioCeuticals laboratory. There is a 10 – 15 day turnaround for test results. Testing is available for the following:

  • B12 and Folate Profile: An adequate supply of folate and vitamin B12 in the diet is essential, however certain genetic variations can affect how these nutrients are absorbed, transported and utilised.
  • Preconception Profile: Genes can play an important role in fertility and pregnancy. Certain gene variants may result in susceptibilities to specific biochemical and hormone effects, nutritional deficiencies and altered cell function that can influence conception and/or fertility. Understanding how these genes relate to fertility and pregnancy helps to provide a valuable opportunity to discover factors that can be modified through personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations. *This does not test for possible genetic defects that may be carried through to your offspring*
  • Essential Nutrient Profile: demonstrates your metabolism of vitamins A, C and D, transport of B12 and glutathione, metabolism of CoQ10 and essential fatty acids
  • Migraine Profile: This provides insight into the gene variants that have been shown to increase a patient’s susceptibility and frequency to migraines, as well as their severity.
  • Complete Health Assessment: Is a combination of all profiles to shine the light on your inter-relationships between genes, nutrition and lifestyle to assist with making optimal health choices. DNA sampling includes Liver Detoxification, absorption, transport, production and metabolism of vitamin D, MTHFR profile, neurotransmitters and mood to name a few aspects of this test.

Hair Mineral Analysis

This test involves a small sample of your hair being used to assess heavy metal exposure and stores in the body. It also provides a complete assessment of your body’s mineral status, for example, magnesium, calcium, potassium to name a few. This test is useful in cases of migraine, hyperactivity in children and challenges with fertility. The sample must be taken from hair that is not chemically treated, it is advisable to wait 6-8 weeks to avoid using a contaminated sample. For the test, we can take the sample during your consult and send it to the laboratory for testing. You will be given a complete report of your heavy metal levels, mineral analysis, recommended dietary guidance and potential health outcomes due to the findings.

What to do next?

Special testing can be complex and this article may raise more questions than it answers! For this reason we recommending speaking with our consulting nutritionist or your health practitioner for guidance.

At Nourish, we offer a range of appointment options including a comprehensive consultation (recommended for those who maybe wishing to get special testing done). During the consult, our nutritionist will chat with you about your medical history, your current health concerns and what actions you have taken so far. From here she will be able to better assess which testing would be most beneficial for you.

Please get in touch so we can answer your questions and determine the best test suited to your health needs.