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Clean Living for Home & Body Seminar

Chemical build up can be life altering. Detox your beauty routine and living space.Get our step by step guide. Practical, Sustainable & won’t break the budget.

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About The Event

Join us for an intimate seminar where we will help you identify some of the key areas that may be contributing to your chemical build up. 

Starting to feel agitated and low in energy from being stuck indoors all winter? Maybe you are becoming more sensitive to products or noticing skin irritations?

The products you are using in your home & on your body could be the cause. The lack of fresh air ventilation throughout your house could be making it worse. And your mood and overall health could be affected.

We know that sometimes you just need that little motivational push to get you back on track. This is why we have decided to run the Clean Living Seminar, presented by Naturopath & Natural Skin Specialist Amy Sumner and Pharmacist Alex Shepherd.

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What We Will Do

  1. We’ll help you identify some of the key areas of chemical build up in your home and in your beauty routine.
  2. We’ll walk you through the changes you can make in your home to lower these chemical levels.
  3. Then we’ll move onto discussing what you use on your body and changes that can be improved here.
  4. You’ll get to try some beautiful natural skincare products, get your own natural skin toner to take home and connect with other like minded ladies. And of course we’ll have some healthy treats and drinks to enjoy throughout the afternoon.

Places are limited. We want to keep this event friendly & cosy so we can give you more personalised guidance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Purchase your tickets now.

What You Will Get

  • Healthy treats & drinks to enjoy through out the seminar
  • Step by Step Guide to detoxing your home
  • A natural skin toner solution created on the day
  • Receive a pack of DIY cleaning product recipes
  • A Gift Bag full of eco products to try
  • A Handout with list of chemicals to look out for

Prize Giveaway

For anyone who purchases a ticket and brings a friend along, both you and the friend will go in the draw to win a gift pack from Eco by Sonya.

Event Details

When:      Saturday 14th September

Time:        2:30pm – 4:30pm

Venue:      Nourish Health Food & Pharmacy

Address:   1/34 Dunn Bay Rd, Dunsborough WA

Contact:   (08) 9750 5511

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